Coleman Outdoor Portable Oven/Stove Cooks Anything You Want On A Camping Trip

Bringing creature comforts to the outdoors usually means having to take a fully-loaded trailer with you.  If you prefer traveling just a little lighter though, you might want to look at more portable ways to enjoy the comforts of home.  Something like this Coleman Outdoor Portable Oven and Stove.

That’s right, a combo oven and stove to let you whip up all those dishes you enjoy at home.  No, we don’t mean Domino’s and Chinese takeout.  We mean, those couple of times a month you actually put down the phone and cook in.  Except you’re doing it while you’re out and about.

While I wouldn’t go so far as to call the Coleman Outdoor Portable Oven and Stove as “two full-sized appliances in one” like the product page does, it does look mighty functional for both purposes.   Pizzas up to 12 inches in diameter and baking pans up to 9 x 13 inches (l x w) can fit in the oven, which features a see-through window and a thermometer for monitoring your meal while it bakes.  The stove, on the other hand, sports a pair of 5,300-BTU burners for boiling, stewing, frying and whatever else you want to do with the ducks or rabbits you manage to bring home to camp.  It has removable burner grates, matchless ignition and pressure regulation for even heat.

The outdoor appliance is rigged to use a 1-pound propane cylinder for fuel, but can be adapted to use a 20-pound cylinder for extended baking sessions.  Other details include rugged steel construction, an aluminum-finished cooktop and fold-up windscreens, so the gusting air up in them mountains don’t end up ruining your meal preparation.

The Coleman Outdoor Portable Oven is available now, priced at $249.95.