Colin Selig Recycles Propane Tanks Into Beautiful Chairs And Benches

Ever seen one of those large propane tanks they keep in warehouses or transport using big trailer trucks?  Those have really limited life cycles because once they start to corrode or get damaged, they’re, essentially, thrown out — repairing them is rarely allowed because of the critical nature of their function (i.e. holding gas under pressure).  We’re not exactly sure what happens to those tanks when they’re discarded, but somebody has started using them to build fine-looking Propane Tank Chairs.

Made by artist Colin Selig whom we had a chance to meet at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair aka ICFF NYC, the recycled creations turn erstwhile throwaways into beautiful benches and chairs that can work for both indoor and outdoor spaces.  Seriously, these things look more like upscale furniture than recycled items, making the finished products even more remarkable.

To build his Propane Tank Chairs, Colin cuts up used propane tanks into a variety of shapes, then welds them together into the fancy-looking furniture that comprise his collection.  Because most propane tanks take on a cylindrical shape, the chairs and benches reflect that, sporting curvy lines that add to the unique high-art effect.  According to the artist, he can build up to four benches with just a single propane tank, using up as much as 99 percent of the source material.

Since these ones are built by hand in the artist’s home, we imagine the current roster of Propane Tank Chairs won’t come cheap.  Colin’s vision, though, is for someone to take his prototype designs and produce them on a larger scale, so he can see them in public spaces, such as parks, train stations and commercial settings.

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