Crisp Toaster Collapses Into A Slimmer Slab When Not In Use

You’ve spent the last year outfitting your kitchen into a space where you can make anything your taste buds fancy.  Problem is, that means you bought every cool kitchen appliance you can squeeze into your credit limit and your kitchen counter looks like a display table at Best Buy.  If only all appliances can compact like this Crisp Toaster, it wouldn’t have to be that way.

Another inventive creation out of Quirky, it’s a toaster that can fold accordion-style to save space when not in use.   It uses up the blank space where you insert the bread slices when toasting to compress the entire thing, allowing it to be slim enough to possibly fit into a drawer.

The Crisp Toaster is a collapsible toaster that measures 5 inches in thickness when in use, then shrinks down to half of that when pressed down.  You literally press it shut and pull the sides apart just like an accordion to shift from compact to functional and vice versa. The rest of the toaster seems run of the mill, with two slots for bread (bagels will fit), three heat settings and a removable crumb tray at the bottom.

While I like the thinking behind the Crisp, I have my doubts whether this cool idea will take off.  Sure, an accordion-like toaster sounds way cool (especially if it will make musical sounds when you fold in and out), but 2.5 inches of saved space don’t sound all that much in a really crowded kitchen.  You can check out the page yourself if you’re interested in it.