Collector’s Cabinet Puts A Boat-Like Storage Fixture On Your Wall


Oh cool, you have a kayak mounted up the wall. Can we take it down to the lake? No? Can we use it to float in the backyard pool? No? What do you mean, I can use it to store toys, keepsakes, and various knick knacks? Oh, it’s not a boat at all, but a Collector’s Cabinet.

Designed by Jeremy Zietz, it’s a wooden cabinet that looks like a small kayak mounted on your wall. Except the hull actually integrates a door that can slide either left or right using a ball catch mechanism, exposing a six-shelf storage facility for small items, which makes it totally not a boat whatsoever.


The Collector’s Cabinet measures 41 x 12 x 6.5 inches (h x w x d), so it’s a little too small to actually use as an actual boat, unless you’re a little puppy, a kitten, or a garden gnome. Plus, we doubt it’s equipped to function as a watercraft, so it’s probably best to keep it as a stylish, elegant-looking wall storage that looks perfect for housing heirloom objects, memorable tokens, and special collectibles. Coopered staves of carved wood make up the curvy walls that flank the floating shelves lined across a slatted backing. While made up of multiple staves similar to a cask, each panel looks like a solid carved piece, creating a stunning effect. Construction is American ash, with brass hardware elements.

No details on availability or pricing, but you can learn more about the Collector’s Cabinet directly from the Jeremy Zietz Studio website.

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