Color-Changing Cube, A Portable Mood Lighting Fixture For The Home

You want mood lighting around your home, but installing lighting fixtures in every single room could be more trouble than you actually care to get into.  This Color-Changing Cube should help simplify your dig’s mood-altering illumination.

A glowing cube measuring 15.7 inches on all sides, the item should be portable enough for easy set up at any room in the house.  Want a low blue light inside your bedroom to help you chill out?  Just pick it up and set it right next to the bed.  Want to sit on a stool pumping out a strobe light effect while killing waves of enemies in your favorite FPS?  Yep, works well for that, too.

The Color-Changing Cube appears as an all-white stool when turned off, making it look like a random ottoman while it sits on your living room floor.  A button at the base lets you switch the power, while the colors and effects are controlled using an included slim remote.  Each comes with four built-in LEDs, which produce up to 16 static but dimmable colors and 4 auto-changing shades that you can set into flash, strobe, fade or smooth sequence.

If you’re playing music, you can activate the sound-sensitive mode, which will have the cube automatically changing colors, depending on the sound piping out of your speakers.  A rechargeable battery allows it to operate anywhere in the house for up to five hours straight on a full charge.

We’re not sure if the thing gets hot after a couple hours of lighting, but the model in the photo above doesn’t seem to mind. The Color-Changing Cube is available for pre-order on Firebox, priced at £149.99 (around $240).