Color-Changing Ice Cube Turns Your Drinks Into A Light Show


What’s better than a stiff drink on the rocks at the end of a long day?  A glass of anything that dizzies you up with color, that’s what.  Even a glass of water filled with these Color-Changing Lite Cubes will probably be enough to give you a buzz.

Ice cubes with light – how did they do that?  Well, they didn’t really.  Instead of actual ice, these “sparkling” boxes are actually freeze gels, which absorb the cold temperature when you place them inside a freezer.  It works like the Whiskey Rocks we featured a while ago – reusable cubes that keep cold temperature and disseminates them when placed in drinks.

Instead of rock-colored bodies, though, the Lite Cubes are transparent, so you can see the installed lighting units inside.  To facilitate the color, each “ice cube” comes fitted with a color-changing LED panel (eight different types of display, from single color to multi-hues) and a battery at the center.  It’s fake ice with a built-in light show – how cool is that?

While you can use the gel for a long time (make sure to wash them before putting back in the fridge), the battery only lasts for 12 hours of use.  Since it’s shut airtight (you don’t want any of that battery leaking  into your drink), you can’t replace the power unit either.  So enjoy your lighted drinks while they last, as you’ll probably run through the entire charge in a single party.

The Color-Changing Lite Cubes come in packs of three and are currently available for around $13.

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