Colorado Pontoon Boat Is Packable, Inflatable And Weighs A Light 69 Lbs On Water


Want a fully-functional fishing boat for you next outdoor adventure that you can literally fit into the trunk of your car?  Try Trout Unlimited’s Colorado Pontoon Boat, an inflatable seafarer that can handle up to 400-lbs of weight for you, your fishing gear and all the alcohol you need to forget life in the city.

Unpacked, the boat sports a powder-coated steel tube frame, buoyed up in the water by two detachable, air-expandable nine-inch pontoons.  The heavy-duty inflatables come with durable nylon tops and abrasion-resistant PVC bottoms, for guaranteed performance while you’re in the middle of the water.

Designed as a single-seating boat that can fit all you need for a day of recreational fishing, the Colorado Pontoon has twenty pockets for all your gear (like, maybe, suntan lotion, you city slicker), two insulated drink holders (to keep your brewskies cool), a wire-style rear storage (for tools and more alcohol, of course) and a motor mount with a battery platform (in case you’d rather not burn your fishing arm paddling through the water).  It  ships with two seven-foot oars (with three locking positions on the boat), a rod holder, an integrated anchor system and adjustable seats, with the whole rig weighing no more 69 lbs when assembled.

This is probably as light a fishing boat as you can get for all the things the Colorado Pontoon Boat can do.  Even if you’re not into fishing, it seems a heck of a lot more convenient than carrying a full-blown kayak around.  Available for $500, it sounds like the perfect weekend stress-reliever.

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