Colorfly Pocket HiFi C4 Pro Pocket Music Player

Your iPod may be good.  But audiophiles have decidedly more refined tastes that makes your stock media player just a little lacking in sound quality.  For the real audio geeks out there, portable music will probably require the kind of muscle that the Colorfly Pocket HiFi C4 Pro delivers.

We’re not sure how people will feel about the Steampunk design aesthetic.  Maybe this is exactly what real audiophiles dig.  Or maybe whoever designed it spent a little too much time with a bong at Burning Man last year.  Either way, it looks like a gadget straight out of an alternate sci-fi Victorian Era and we love it.

The Colorfly Pocket HiFi C4 Pro measures 4.9 x 2.8 x 0.8 inches, with a brass metal front panel and a hand-engraved black walnut case.   The face looks decidedly retro-swanky, complete with a switch and thick slider control for the volume.  It’s got 32GB of storage built in, a microSD card slot for more memory, an SPDIF port, two headphone jacks (6.3 mm and 3.5 mm) and a rechargeable battery (up to 7 hours of playback).

Designed for playing high-res audio files (24 bit/192 KHz WAV and FLAC) with exquisite quality (108dB signal-to-noise ratio), it packs CIRRUS Logic CS4398 DAC and CS8422 SRC chips under the hood.  It outputs sound at an impressive 13.3mW, so make sure you have a good pair of cans to do it justice (probably not those Swarovski-encrusted headphones you’ve got going on).

As you may have guessed, there’s no way the Colorfly Pocket HiFi C4 Pro is going to be a cheap PMP.   Price is $799.

[Colorfly via Oh Gizmo! via 7 Gadgets. Was available at Amazon but looks like out of stock now.]