Coloring Notebook Has Ruled Pages For Writing, Illustrations For Coloring


Both coloring books and notebooks have seen a renaissance of sorts among adults. Simply put, grown people continue to carry notebooks and a lot more of them have taken up the hobby of filling in illustrated pages with colors to the point that a Law & Order Coloring Book even came out some years back. The Coloring Notebook combines those two persistent relics of our analog past into one.

A notebook that’s also a coloring book, the clever mash-up turns each spread of the bound volume into a half-notebook, half-coloring book hybrid. More specifically, the left side of each spread will either be blank, ruled, or filled with dot grids, while the right side comes with a graphic illustration that you can fill in with color. That way, you can use it for jotting down notes and brainstorming like any regular notebook, while doubling up as a relaxing activity book for those times you need a little respite from the stresses of work.


The Coloring Notebook is an A5-sized notebook with a soft leather cover, archival-quality Japanese paper pages with rounded corners, a bookmark, an elastic closure, and handmade headband detailing on the top and bottom of the spine, so it’s just as premium and easy on the eyes as the rest of today’s popular notebook releases. Each one is professionally hand-sewn, too, so it’s the kind of notebook you can take everywhere and wear out without having to worry about pages tearing out on their own. Over 176 pages are included on each bound set, with 50 or so of those pages devoted to coloring art.


Now available for preorder with a February ship date, the Coloring Notebook is priced at $19.99.

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