Colour Me Shave Lathers Your Face In Brightly-Colored Gels

I love shaving my face everyday – said no guy ever.  You scrape your face smooth Monday morning and by the time you wake up Tuesday, there’s another batch of stubble growing.  Over the years, you’ve worked to make the ritual more memorable with novelty: a laser-shooting beard trimmer, a goatee manscaper, and a GQ bathroom mirror where you shave every morning like a male model.  If you want to inject even more cheap entertainment into the mix, we have a feeling you’ll enjoy Colour Me Shave.

A colored shaving cream, it lathers brightly-hued goop all over your face, making the whole ordeal of scraping facial hair just a little more entertaining than usual.  You can make yourself look like a swamp monster with green sludge, a bloody zombie with pink, or a juicehead guido who spent too much time in the tanning salon with orange slop.  Basically, add a little imagination and every shaving session can turn into a fun role playing adventure.

Colour Me Shave is a non-foaming shaving gel that maintains its bright colors throughout the entire shaving process.  It comes in five bright shades, namely blue, green, orange, pink and purple, giving you plenty of options in livening up those boring morning face-scraping rituals.   According to the product page, the gel formula, which contains Aloe Vera and Witch Hazel extracts, can create a protective barrier that helps reduce instances of friction, razor burns and irritations that aren’t exactly alien to anyone old enough to shave on a regular basis.    Each bottle contains 200ml of the gel.

Firebox has Colour Me Shave available, priced at £9.99 per bottle.

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