Columbia’s Mandalorian Collection Lets You Cosplay Mando And Baby Yoda In Warm Winter Jackets

If you’re a Star Wars fan, chances are, you’re familiar with Columbia’s annual collection of winter jackets that recreate various outfits from the franchise. With Din Djarin and The Child being at the forefront of fans this year, it’s only fitting that they take center stage for this winter’s showcase in the form of Columbia’s The Mandalorian Collection.

You know how Columbia’s past Star Wars releases were all geared towards adult fans? It changes this year with Baby Yoda, whose diminutive stature and adorable predisposition make the character the ideal inspiration for the first child-sized pieces in the line, while Mando’s armor and helmet serve as the basis for the adult-sized outerwear in the collection. This means, you can dress up like a bounty hunter while dressing up your kid as a Force-sensitive green alien, allowing you to spend the holidays like you’re on a Star Wars adventure.

Yeah, the collection is going to be more fun this year. Check them out below.

Columbia The Mandalorian The Child Bunting

Yep, they made an infant-sized jacket made with a fleece shell and a Sherpa lining, so you can carry your newborn around like you’re carrying Baby Yoda.  We know, your child is too small to be able to appreciate any of it, but, let’s not get anything twisted, this thing was designed for grown Star Wars fans who want to be able to dress their kids like a little green alien, so they can feel like a badass Mandalorian hopping from planet to planet, protecting The Child from the Imperials. It costs $50.

Columbia The Mandalorian The Child Jacket

Available in kid and toddler sizes, the garment is, basically, a bigger version of the infant jacket. It’s cut in a water-resistant fleece shell with Omni-Heat lining and generous insulation, so your kids can totally wear this when playing outside in the winter months. Like the bunting, it comes with a Sherpa hood sporting Baby Yoda ears, so your kid can go around looking like it belongs to Yoda’s alien race. Just in case they’ve had their fill of looking like a total weirdo, they can just tuck the ears into built-in slots, leaving them wearing what looks like a normal hooded puffy jacket in the same colors as Baby Yoda’s robe. It’s priced at $80 for the kid sizes and $75 for the toddler sizes.

Columbia The Mandalorian Interchange Hybrid Jacket

Designed to resemble Djarin’s Beskar armor, it’s a two-piece outfit that combines a vest you can wear over your shirt and a coat you can layer over it. While it won’t protect you from Stormtrooper blaster fire like the one from the show, it does deliver plenty of warmth via the Omni-Heat 3D lining to lock in all that body heat through the coldest days of the year. It costs $300.

Columbia The Mandalorian Helmet Gaiter

While it’s not armor, the jacket will definitely pair nicely with that Mandalorian helmet Hasbro is making. Since that won’t ship until middle of next year, you should be able to pair it just as well with this gaiter that’s styled to resemble the same helmet, so you can complete the look. Price is $40.

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