Combo Yoga Mat Absorbs Sweat To Eliminate The Need For Towels


Like other yoga mats, the Combo Mat is designed to keep your hands and feet from slipping while performing your favorite yoga poses. Unlike them, it also doubles as a towel, absorbing all your sweat instead of having it turn your mat into a swampy puddle.

No, they didn’t quite invent a new non-skid material for use in yoga mats. Instead, the yoga and floor exercise accessory uses two materials – rubber at the base to keep you from slipping and absorbent microfiber on top to soak in any sweat that drips from your body.


Despite the double-material construction, the Combo Yoga Mat remains lightweight and portable, so you can bring it to tomorrow’s hot yoga glass using the same yoga bag you use right now. It uses 3.5mm-thick natural tree rubber for the base material, with no latex, silicone or toxic glue, so there’s none of the toxic smell you get with some brands of yoga mats. Because it eliminates the need for a towel during class, you’re spared from having an extra accessory that bunches and moves around on the mat, all while providing better grip the more sweat it absorbs.


Naturally, a mat that absorbs sweat means it will probably end up gross and stinky after every session. Fortunately, it’s designed to be machine-washable, so you can simply dump it in the washer as soon as you get home to make things clean and fresh. It’s available in a variety of colorful non-fade prints to keep things exciting.

Available now, the Combo Yoga Mat is priced at $68.

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