This Comic Collage Art Will Make An Awesome Gift For Comic Fans

Growing up, comic books were the pinnacle of your exposure to the arts.  Muscular and square-jawed superheroes, insanely voluptuous women, and abhorrent supervillains filled the landscape of your visual fascination.  Now that you’re older and wiser, you’re still the same way.  So forget about buying that piece of art you saw in the gallery for hanging in the living room and get one of these Comic Collage Art pieces instead.

Made by Mike Alcantara, the collages are made from pages of old comic books and, we’re guessing, the wanted ads on magazines about comic books (like Wizard and its ilk).  Each canvas covers one superhero or team, using pages from their comic books to fill up the frame.

Granted, this is no high art.  Still, wouldn’t you rather hang up a Captain America collage than some weird blotches of color that looks good on that empty wall in the entertainment center?  These are real comic books by the way, not color copies or printouts from the internet, so if your girlfriend complains, you can tell her you’re finally done collecting comics and have actually destroyed them to build the collage.  Just make sure to hide your actual boxes of comic books each in their own sealed bags with backing boards someplace where she can’t find them.

All Comic Collage Art pieces are one of a kind (no prints) and come in several canvas sizes. Most of the current inventory, though, appear to be 18 x 24 inches.  Price starts at $200.

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