Use The Comic Series Display Box To Make Your Comic Books Look Like Coffee Table Volumes


Looking for a way to file your comic books in a bookshelf in an organized manner? Check out the Comic Series Display Box, a vertically-oriented box for collecting, organizing, and presenting your comic books like a hardcover volume.

Made by Etsy seller Variant Supply Co, it’s the perfect way to store all the issues in your favorite series, while making them easily accessible. No more filing your issues in a generic box – with this thing, you can line them with other books in a shelf, stand them on a side table, or even lay them down with your favorite hardcovers on the coffee table.


The Comic Series Display Box is a water-resistant container that’s sized to hold up to 15 individually-backed and -sealed comic books. It’s made from MDF board, so it’s as durable as your IKEA cabinets, with a clever hinge design that allows it to be opened like a hardcover book. The lid/front cover can be either enclosed or cut out with a window, so it can double as a display frame for showing off the comic book at the top of the pile. If you’re ordering with a series already in mind, you can request for the title to be engraved on the spine (they’ll even replicate the font used for the actual series), so your single-issues can feel like a proper boxed set when displayed on a bookshelf. You can even request gold or silver engraving to give the collection an extra touch of style.


Available now, the Comic Series Display Box is priced at $30.

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