Comic Strip Picture Frame Turns Your Photos Into A Graphic Narrative

If pictures really tell a story, then you might as well turn them into a graphic novel.  And that’s exactly what you’ll do with the Comic Strip Picture Frame, which lets you display photographs in comic-like panels.

Six differently-sized panels are set on the plastic frame — just enough to get a decent narrative going with a few creatively-employed pictures from your photo collection.  Since still shots alone might not be able to convey the full story, they threw in a whole sheet of speech bubble stickers and a pen, so you can construct a real comic with dialog, voice overs and sound effects to go with it.

Of course, you can just fire up Photoshop and start doing the same things with your digital pictures, too.  But that’s assuming you’ll actually bother learning that whole graphics design thing (umm…no you won’t).  With the Comic Strip Picture Frame, you already picked up all the skills you need back in grade school (learning new things is overrated anyway).

We’re not sure about the actual size of the frame and the panels.  The product page doesn’t have those details, either.  It’s only listed as “Coming Soon,” though, which is probably the reason for it.   When the Comic Strip Picture Frame does become available, you can buy one for $17.99.

[Perpetual Kid via BoingBoing]