Compact K-box Turns Surfaces Into Giant Speakers


Many portable speakers just aren’t very portable.  In fact, I’d dare venture none of them are ever pocketable.  As such, it becomes cumbersome to actually bring one when you head out of the house.  Kerchoonz just might be able to remedy this problem with the K-box, a handy gadget that effectively turns any surface into a speaker that manages “a truly incredible bass response.”

Once plugged in to your music source, simply place the K-box into any solid flat surface and turn it into a giant speaker for the whole party to enjoy.  It works with most any music device, including laptops, iPods, handheld consoles, PMPs and cell phones.  Majority of solid flat surfaces should have no problem turning out tunes as well – tables, walls and windows are all claimed to work capably with the device.

Barely larger than most touchscreen phones, the K-box sports 115 × 55 x 20 mm dimensions.  It charges via USB for up to 20 hours of use.  Kerchoonz claims it outputs high-quality audio with a full bass response (40-20KHz).  How exactly it performs the feat of turning otherwise regular objects into usable speakers isn’t clear – all we know is that the K-box employs a patented “gel-audio” technology that allows it to do so.

Selling for £40 apiece, I’m not sure how high the “high-quality” gets.  There’s no clear instructions about the best types of surfaces (glass, wood, etc) to use it on either.  At any rate, the K-box should be a cool accessory to have if it actually does as promised, letting you have functional speakers anywhere you go without having to carry a bag to do it.

[Kerchoonz via Oh Gizmo]