Volta V PC Is The Wooden Liquid-Cooled Desktop PC You Never Knew You Wanted


Yes, plastics and metals are a whole lot more convenient to use for housing consumer electronic products. You have to admit, though, wood carries a uniquely timeless appeal and that’s exactly what the Volta V PC brings to any space.

Made by Computer Direct Outlet, it comes in a chassis cut in a handmade hardwood box that makes it look more like a fancy box for your jewelry and watches, instead of housing a proper computing rig. This isn’t some underpowered kitchen computer, either, as the darn thing can be equipped like any desktop case, whether you need enough hardware to do CAD modeling, 4K video editing, or some resource-heavy gaming.


Like any desktop, the Volta V is offered in numerous configurations, from basic productivity setups to full-on gaming rigs. At the top end, it can be equipped with an overclocked Core i7 processor, up to 32GB of RAM, a selection of GPUs (up to a 24GB Nvidia Quadro P6000), and up to two hard drives, along with a liquid CPU cooler to keep it from overheating through long hours of gaming.


The chassis, by the way, takes on a horizontal profile that lets you use it as an elevated stand for the monitor to help optimize the amount of room it takes up on your desk.  Features include magnetic dust filters, optimized acoustics for quiet operation, and magnetic fastening on the lid for easy access to the hardware.

Available now, pricing for the Volta V starts at $1,999.

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