Concert Hands Train You To Play The Piano Without Learning Piano


Want to learn a song on the piano but don’t know how to play?  Not to worry.  Concert Hands is a new piano tutoring device that will guide you through a song, finger-to-finger and note-to-note, helping you practice over and over until you memorize it.

Instead of filling your head with music theory and all the other trappings of studying instruments, Concert Hands immediately gets down to business.  Put on the wrist and finger sleeves, activate the software and let it guide you through songs right on the spot, prompting your hands and fingers to move on the correct keys.  Do it enough times and you might just retain full muscle memory, allowing you to play a song without knowing anything about the instrument.

The system consists of a controller box, two wrist pilots, ten finger sleeves and a proprietary software.  Install the application on your PC (only works with XP and Vista), upload a MIDI file of the song you want to play and the software will convert it to the format that it uses to send commands to the device.  Once that is set, simply connect the controller box to the computer, put on the wrist and finger implements, sit down in front of the piano and begin playing.

As the software feeds the notes to the controller, the box processes the information and decides which movements the user needs to do to play the next part of the song.  The wrist pilot will guide your hand to the location of the keys, while the finger sleeves will send a haptic pulse to tell you to play that specific key right under it.  This allows you to go through the motions necessary to play a song without having to learn anything else.

Will this turn you into a piano virtuoso?  Absolutely not.  Will it teach you how to play two or three songs so you can pretend you are a piano virtuoso?  Probably.  Concert Hands is now available directly from the manufacturer.

Thanks Concert Hands