Concrete Wine Bunkers Give You Modular Wine Storage

When you stock up on fine wine at home, it pays to invest in proper wine storage.  When you just want to impress guests who come over occasionally, those might prove a tad too expensive.  How about setting up a makeshift area for your wine collection using these Concrete Wine Bunkers?

Created by Etsy shop Decoratelier, it’s a modular wine storage solution.  You can stack ’em, line ’em up, or set up any combination of the two to build yourself a bespoke wine storage unit.  Want a pyramid in the corner?  Yes, can do.  How about an entire wall covered with a wine shelf?  Definitely.  Want to divide a room with a standalone wall of wine bottles in the middle?  Not a problem.

Sold individually, each Concrete Wine Bunker features a rectangular block with a hole sized to hold a bottle of wine right in the middle.  It can fit standard 750 ml bottles measuring 5 x 5 x 9 inches.  Constructed entirely from concrete, the modular storage blocks don’t just look badass — they’re laden with thermal properties, too, making for an excellent space to hold your wine and keep it at an ideal temperature.   Plus, let’s not forget how useful this will be to smash the skulls of burglars who foolishly choose your house to perform their evil deeds.

All blocks are made to order, so they require a 2-week turnaround before delivery.  Oh, and since the items are made by hand, expect some variations in the concrete.  You can get the Concrete Wine Bunkers from Decoratelier’s Etsy store, priced at $25.

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