Coney Island Line Of Furniture Uses Wood From Demolished Boardwalk

Coney Island may no longer be the center of amusement attractions it once was. Regardless, it holds a special place in many of New Yorker’s hearts (including myself) and furniture company Uhuru is paying tribute by unveiling their Coney Island Line, a series of limited edition pieces inspired by the historic Brooklyn spot.

More than adopting the former resort as basis for the design of the pieces, the company decided to use actual Ipe wood that’s been reclaimed from the area’s demolished boardwalk. Yep, the exact same floors first installed in the late 1940s and served countless guests for over 70 years.

The Coney Island Line consists of six furniture items that interpret the architecture of the area, namely:

  • Cyclone Lounger. Inspired by the Cyclone rollercoaster, it boasts a form that actually looks like it was taken from one of the oldest wooden coasters still in operation. The base features white, laser-cut, powder-coated metal clad in the form of the ride’s support structure, while the actual lounger top curves in the shape of a stretch of track.
  • Drop End Table. Named for the Parachute Jump, the dining table is marked by a round, faceted top, paired with a steel base.
  • Boardwalk Console. Held by a steel base frame, this table’s top literally recreates the original boardwalk’s inlaid pattern in smaller scale.
  • Wonder Coffee Table. It uses a wedged top similar in design to the Drop End Table, paired with a Vaudeville-inspired metal base.
  • Drum Lamp. Based on the concrete-filled oil cans used all over Coney Island, it employs a wooden base with a white shade and four LED bars for lighting.
  • Saison Mirror. A mirror with a frame made out of wood.

All six pieces from the Coney Island Line will debut at the upcoming New York Design Week, which takes place from May 7th to 18th. Due to the limited nature of the salvaged wood, only ten of each furniture will be made. No pricing was given.

[Uhuru Design]