Configurable Hexolight Mimics Concert Lights, Flashes Along With Sounds In Your Room


Your 50-inch HDTV is so spanking that you feel no need to drive to a movie theater. Your audio setup so pristine that leaving home for a concert just feels like a waste of time. Now, you can put a big fat cross on heading out to dance parties too when you install the Hexolight, a configurable lighting system that turns any room into a faux club.

More than a bunch of fancy lights, Rock Gear’s LED-lighting system (consisting of 141 high-brightness units in blue, red and yellow for the 6000 Edition) is sonic-driven. That means it can put on a light show squarely in tune with any music you’re playing. Set up the hexagonal rigs along the shelves (the lights can be popped out and arranged in any configuration), throw on a recording of your favorite DJ and enjoy a mind-melting visual experience while you dance the night away.

How does the Hexolight “move” along with your tunes? The system comes with a built-in music sensor that’s effectively a sound-sponge of sports, taking in the entire audible sound spectrum – not just the bass, like other sensors in the market currently do. Because of that, it can work with every stereo source imaginable – from your component to your game consoles to your TV.

Rock Gear is going after music gamers right in time for the Christmas rush. Which makes perfect sense, since having this thing around while you crank out a game of Rock Band in the basement should make playing along even more immersive and concert-like. Personally, I’d like to see what these lights will do when I’m watching a gratuitous, all-out battle scene in a war movie with the TV volume cranked up. Here’s to hoping it will explode.

Hexolight comes in sets of three to six lights, with prices starting at $30.

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