Confluence Tray Might Just Be The Most Mesmerizing Way To Serve Tea

Confluence is either the product of someone deciding to make a tea tray that looks like the topographic view of a gorge or a genius decision to market a 3D battlefield diorama set in a canyon as a tea tray.  Either way, it looks amazing.

Like a canyon, the tray comes with raised surfaces and deep ravines, all marked by lines that make for a mesmerizing sight to behold.  Creator Artnomos, a Hong Kong-based design team, describes it as “undulating” and we couldn’t agree more.  Staring at this thing while sipping warm tea could very well be extremely relaxing.

The Confluence is sculpted using multiple layers of birch plywood, with their alternating dark and light seams serving as the lines.  The raised sections are the designated spots for holding your tea pot and cups, with the ravine below catching any spills and directing them to the center of the tray to avoid getting any of the mess on your coffee table.

The best part?  Once you’re done having tea, you can totally use this as a play table for your metal army men as they defend the canyon from an army of evil mini-drones.  Heck, you can fill the ravine with water and race mini-boats there or something.  Suffice to say, this could be the most fun you can have out of a tea tray in your entire life.

The sad part?  Being handcrafted and all manners of unique, the Artnomos Confluence isn’t going cheap.  Produced in a limited batch of 100, it retails for a hefty $1,700.

Check It Out via Gizmodo