Connect-It Tablet Desk Pairs Sleek Design With Tons Of Storage

Sometimes, you need two computers, a tablet, a phone, three books, and a couple of thick reports to get work done.  Other times, you just need a clean desk with a small pile of documents to do the same thing.  Unfortunately, your two computers, tablet, phone, books, and thick reports remain in the desk because that’s all the space you have in your tiny home office.  And while that gutter-reinforced Homework Table is nice, it still has all your unsightly stuff lined along the sides.  Not the case when you have a Connect-It Tablet Desk.

Made by Monarch Specialties, the furniture combines a sleek low-profile desk with plenty of hidden storage compartments for hiding gadgets, books, reports, documents, and boxes of whiskey-filled chocolate when they’re not needed.  In addition, it’s got a set of built-in slots for organizing the mass of wires that regularly snake their way around your workspace, so you don’t have to put in a lot of effort tidying up chargers, cables and power hubs.

The Connect-It Tablet Desk sports a clean contemporary design, with a sliding center panel that reveals a storage area for your laptop and mobile electronics, a pair of flip-up doors on the left and right sides that reveal deep cabinets, and another compartment with a flip-up entry door in the rear.  There’s also a sliding keyboard right under the center compartment, for comfortably using your keyboard and mouse.  Construction is all metal, with a capuccino tabletop finish and dimensions of 47.5 x 27.5 x 30.5 inches (l x w x h).

You can get the Monarch Specialties Connect-It Tablet Desk from Amazon, priced at just under $250.

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