Consolatio Car Bed: Finally A Car-Themed Bed For The Master Bedroom

Beds that look like cool race cars have been a popular furniture choice for a lot of little boys’ bedrooms.  A bed like that on a grown man’s bedroom, however, will likely drive away girls faster than a bring-your-own-computer Quake Convention.  Despite that, we have a feeling the Consolatio Car Bed can transcend such typical results.

Why?  Because it doesn’t look like your typical car bed.  There are no bright colors, large graphics, or a bed frame that looks like car’s body.  Instead, you get what looks like a regular, well-adjusted adult’s bed that’s slightly accessorized to give it an understated automotive theme.

Made by furniture outfit Morgan Paull, the Consolatio Car Bed is an elegant-looking platform bed that’s made from wood, leather, and MDF boards.  It comes with shelves on each side of the headboard, ready to hold your alarm clock, reading materials, and other bedroom essentials (no need for a bedside cabinet).  The slightly reclined headboard features two leather seatbacks that look like they were ripped off a luxury car, so you can sit up and lean back comfortably for reading or watching TV.  The headboard also has a fold-out armrest between the two seatbacks that’s armed with cupholders for setting down your cup of sleepy-time herbal tea, glass of warm milk, or bottle of beer.

The Consolatio Car Bed is available now, priced at $3,999.

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