Industrial Swank: This Storage Furniture Looks Like Freight Containers

Shipping containers are awesome.  Sure, they’re industrial levels of ugly, but they’re super functional.  So functional, in fact, that we use them for a whole load of things beyond transporting goods, such as temporary shelters, standalone saunas, and more.  We’re guessing they’ll actually make nice storage boxes around the house, too, if they weren’t so huge.  Well, now they can with the Container Collection.

Designed to bring a little industrial aesthetic to your abode, the collection consists of storage pieces modeled after freight boxes.  They are, of course, dolled up to suit modern homes nicely, so you get the whole shipping lot feel minus the unsightly look of battered containers.

Three pieces are included in the Container Collection, namely a side table (with one shelf), a small cabinet (a single long shelf that looks perfect as a footlocker or a media cabinet), and a tall cabinet (two long shelves that should make a great spot for holding clothes in).  Staying true to the shipping container aesthetic, each one features a sturdy iron sheet frame in a smooth semi-gloss finish, a tough silver handle similar to freight boxes, and a selection of three colors (blue, yellow, gray).  Unlike real freight containers, these pieces aren’t assembled in a factory line, but are individually handmade by artisans in India.

The Container Collection is available to order now, with prices starting at £139.

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