Convertible Coffee Table Turns Into Work Desk

Don’t have space for a home office? Not a problem with the Convertible Coffee Table, which extends into a functional work desk so you can turn the living room into a makeshift office without having to hunch your back.

Designed for folks who get an inkling to work a computer while watching Oprah, the coffee table’s surface can be lifted to standard desk height. While it looks a little uncomfortable from the picture (I blame the angle), the sales page says it’s been sized to provide a properly-positioned work desk while sitting at the sofa. That way, you don’t have to keep your quick-heating notebook on your lap, burning holes through your jeans (not to mention, whatever lies under there).

The Convertible Coffee Table looks like a regular living room furniture at first glance, with a birch veneer construction, walnut brown finish and 20 x 38 x 24 inch (h x w x d) dimensions. A coffee table’s a good spot to plop magazines, drinks and stinky feet, but it is awkward to use when working on a computer or eating a microwave dinner. To make those activities easier, you can lift the spring-loaded tabletop, which props up to 31 inches high and 15 inches forward before locking in place. We’re not sure how comfortable that height is in reality (it sounds…too high), but they claim it’s a perfect level if you’re plopped on the couch.

Area underneath the tabletop offers around 653 square feet of space, allowing it to be used as extra storage for your remotes, magazines and even that laptop. Hopefully, the raised desk won’t get in the way of the TV because that can’t be good.

Hammacher Schlemmer has the Convertible Coffee Table for $199.95.

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