Cooking With Beer: Finally, More Ways To Get Beer Into Your System


You don’t need a book to tell you how to enjoy a bottle of beer. We’re sure you do fine with that every night of the week. But jazzing up nightly meals with your favorite bottle of suds? Yes, we’ll probably need a book for that and Cooking with Beer is happy to oblige.

Written by self-confessed beer geek Mark Dredge, it’s a cookbook that uses beer as part of every single one of its recipes. We don’t just mean as a throwaway ingredient either, but a key element for really changing up the way the dish tastes, making for a recipe collection that anyone who’s developed an appreciation for the yeast-fermented beverage will definitely enjoy.


Cooking with Beer details 75 beer-infused recipes with simple instructions and beautiful photographs across 144 pags, including main dishes, appetizers, snacks, and even desserts. It comes with varied recipes that should cover different occasions, from comfort food for those lazy brunches with a serious hangover in tow (“beer-cured bacon” and “Hefeweizen French toast”) to elaborate meals for those times you’re entertaining guests at home (“Tripel Pulled Pork”) to sweet treats that will cheer you up after getting dumped (fruit beer-infused “PB&J Profiteroles”).


While following recipes can be fun, the joy of cooking comes in large part due to experimentation. Dredge knows that, too, so he includes an Ultimate section where he throws around a bunch of meal ideas that incorporate beer, giving you potential areas to explore once you feel the need to play around with your beer-infused recipes.

Available now, Cooking with Beer is priced at $19.95.

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