Cookup200 Is A Portable Solar Cooker That Looks Like A Weaponized Dish

That shiny dish that looks like it’s designed to beam lasers into outer space?  Well, that’s not what it does.  Instead, the Cookup200 is a solar cooking apparatus that uses natural heat from the sun to help you whip up your favorite dishes.

Created by French company iD Cook, the outdoor cooker uses parabolic mirrors that focus all the heat it accumulates into a small tray where you can set down your uncooked grub.  They claim it’s perfect for all types of cooking, including baked, stewed and steamed grub, with the cooking time comparable to a standard barbecue session.

Meant for portable use, the Cookup200 can be disassembled and fit into an included case for easy carrying.  Assembly is pegged at around 10 minutes, which would probably be shorter when you’ve got a horde of hungry campers hankering to get their supper cooked.

Mirrors are made from 100% recyclable optical polyester laced with one gram of aluminum per square meter, with the frame built out of Portuguese wood.   Since it uses natural light for power, you’ll need to point it right at the sun using the sight; for turning off, just remove whatever you’ve got cooking and turn the whole thing over.

The Cookup200 is available from iD Cook, priced at €499.95 (around $700).