Cool Breather Aerates Your Wine Faster

Aerating wine isn’t that hard.  Transferring it to a decanter or a wine glass to let the wine mingle with air is often enough to open up its full aroma.  Except you’ll need to leave it in for around 20 minutes.  And you need your drink now.  If you’d rather skip the waiting part, use the Cool Breather instead.

A wine carafe with a twist, this container uses a unique neck that makes the wine bubble during transfer from its original bottle.    The process of bubbling creates the same result as those many minutes of aeration, giving you full-flavored wine without all the waiting that usually accompanies it.

The Cool Breather is  a glass carafe that measures 12 x 4 x 4 inches, with an interior capacity of 1.5 liters.   To use, simply put the wine bottle on top of the aerating container’s mouth to let the beverage flow freely.  You can watch all the pretty bubbles rising out of the mouth, too, in case you need something to do while waiting to enjoy the distinct flavor and aroma of your favorite vintage.

For white wines, the carafe comes with a reusable cooling stick that you can refrigerate and insert into the container to keep it at a chilled temperature.  The glass bottle is dishwasher-safe, but the rest of the assembly needs to be hand-washed.

When you need to get drunk, you need to get drunk.  And you don’t have no 20 minutes to waste waiting for that drink to air.  The Cool Breather wine aerator  saves you from the pain.  Uncommon Goods has it for $50.