Doc Is A Sofa That Turns Into A Bunk Bed

Sofa beds are great with their versatile functions.  But even the best sofa bed has to bow down to this: the Doc Space Saving System, which converts from a regular couch to a two-level bunk bed.

Made by Resource Furniture, the clever living room rig looks like an ordinary sofa at first glance.  Lift up the parts, however, and you end up with an impressive double-decker, complete with separate mattresses, safety rails and a built-in ladder.  Sweet.

From the Doc’s product pictures, the mattresses look a bit cramped, so it’s strictly single occupancy for each level.  Other than that, it looks wonderful — the kind of fancy furniture you’ll want to show off every time someone shows up at the house for the first time.

According to the product page, the sofa opens up into the two-level beds with a single lifting motion, requiring no extra work or assembly.  The frame, rails and ladder are all made from steel, so you can rest assured the thing won’t crash while you’re slobbering silly on the upper bunk.

Resource Furniture has the Doc Space Saving System in a variety of fabric and finish options, so you should be able to customize it according to your interior plans.  Prices start at $6,800.

Below is video of Doc Sofa Bed in action.