Cool Christmas Tree Decoration Idea For Engineers And Tinkerers


Here’s a great idea for the engineers and tinkerers among you.  Rather than hang the usual boring fare on your tree this Christmas, why not scrounge up your junk electronics and use various components to decorate it?

Evil Mad Scientist Labs did exactly that with their office Christmas tree and it looks awesome from the photos.  Clad with resistors, capacitors and various other throwaway parts as ornamentation, it’s the perfect tree to let everyone know what’s been keeping you busy all year – your DIY electronic projects.


They didn’t exactly provide many details for their exact decorations, but it’s the idea that counts.  So, start picking apart those old motherboards, ham radios and CRTs lying dormant in the attic, carefully picking out the colorful items (seriously, it’s Christmas – try to avoid the silver and black pieces) for decorating that tree.  Could be a good way to get your kids interested in tinkering with electronics too (or get them to hate it, in case they’d rather play Guitar Hero than put up Christmas fare with the old folks).

According to Evil Mad Scientist Labs, you should try going for more vintage components as the paint jobs on those babies put many modern parts to shame.  Unfortunately, they’re right.  I just opened up my desktop to look at my motherboard and all I see are a steady stream of non-holiday colors (silver and black) on every protruding part.

You can check out the site to see more pictures, as well as tips on where to score the snazzy-looking vintage haul like the ones they have hanging on their tree.

[Evil Mad Scientist via The Awesomer]