Cool Foam Is A Wearable, Moldable Skin Coolant

Summer is hellish hot.  And when your whole country is trying to conserve energy, as they are doing in Japan, people need to find alternatives to turning up the AC.  The Cool Foam is one of these new solutions.

Packaged in 220 ml. aerosol cans similar to silly strings (or the Turbo Tango), the foam hardens a bit once exposed to air.  In that form, it can be molded into any shape you want, including wearable ones like necklaces, wristbands and full-body armors (we’re not sure if a single can will suffice for the latter, though).

When pressed, the Cool Foam shoots a wad of blue foam from the nozzle, making it just as fun to apply as it is useful to cooling down from the summer heat.  From what we can make out of the product page, the coolant is formulated from a variety of chemicals and compounds, including polyvinyl acetate, isopentane, menthol, spices, high-pressure gas ethanol, isopentane and, probably, a few more that we just can’t get Google Translate to do right.

The blue foam supposedly feels like one giant ball of confetti as they leave the can.  When out, the air bubbles expand and pop, releasing a refreshing burst of cool air onto your skin.  And you feel cooler.  Once all the bubbles have popped (we’re not sure how long they take, though), that set is done, so it’s nothing more than bad jewelry.  We suggest throwing it away.

Aside from Cool Foam, Japan Trends lists a bunch of cooling agents currently making the rounds this summer in the country.  You can check out the lot from the link below.

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