Cool Gifts For Marvel Superfans

There was a time when Marvel-themed gifts were reserved for that one cousin or nephew that was really into comic books. That time is far gone. With Marvel transitioning their comic book adventures into a cinematic universe, the Marvel-obsessed among us is no longer a rare thing. Between the MCU and the Disney Plus shows, along with the continued release of new comic books, Marvel fans are more omnipresent than ever.

As such, the breadth and depth of Marvel-themed merch has also grown, giving you a lot more choices when shopping for the Marvel-obsessed individuals in your life. Whether they’re into fitness, fashion, or good old toy-collecting, finding a cool gift for a Marvel superfan is easier than ever.

Here are some ideas.

Mattel Uno Marvel Card Game

This card game takes the traditional Uno and gives it a superhero twist. At the start, you take a character foil card, then spend the rest of the game playing as that character and using their special powers. Each player gets their own deck, all while having to occasionally draw from a Danger Deck that brings in complications (e.g. supervillains). The basic set comes with four character decks for Thor, Captain Marvel, Black Panther, and Iron Man, respectively, with expansion decks available that let you add new superheroes to the mix.

Mattel Games UNO Ultimate Marvel Card Game with 4...
  • Discover which Superheroes have met their match with the UNO Ultimate Marvel card game!

Infinity Gauntlet Keychain

Key rings make for excellent stocking stuffers, since they’re small, inexpensive, and guaranteed to find use for most everyone. And while there’s a veritable galaxy’s worth of options out there, we’re going with this replica of the uru glove that can channel the powers of all six Infinity Stones. It looks stellar, with plenty of details that recreate the handiwork of the skilled blacksmiths from the Dwarven race that built it, albeit at a pocket-friendly size that fits right in there with your car and house keys.

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Marvel Encyclopedia

If your recipient has a nice living room that could use a coffee table book to add some character to the place, maybe this 448-page hardcover from DK will make for a great one to send their way. It’s an indispensable reference guide to the over 1,200 characters in Marvel’s roster, covering everyone from iconic heroes and nefarious villains to the lesser-known figures and various supporting characters that make that universe feel alive. They also cover some of the key events in the Marvel comic book universe, so you can catch up on how things have been going for your favorite personalities, with the whole thing coming in an illustrated format to achieve that classic comic book feel.


Marvel Comics Spider-Man Daily Bugle Snapback Hat

For the Marvel fan who prefers subtler touches with their accessorizing, there’s this snapback labeled with the header of J. Jonah Jameson’s Daily Bugle, so they can accessorize in Marvel gear without having to wear stuff covered in tacky logos and colorful superhero costume livery. Plus, it’s made from corduroy, which just gives it even more low-key charm.

Buy Now – $27.99

Seven20 Marvel Thor Mjolnir Hammer Meat Tenderizer

Any Thor fan who likes to wage battles in the kitchen counter will likely appreciate this Mjolnir replica, which can tenderize the toughest cuts of meat before you throw them in the pan. Sure, it’s not made from uru and it’s not fashioned by skilled Dwarven blacksmiths, but the stainless steel head should bring the God of Thunder’s might and magic all the same when it comes to loosening up meat fibers every time you pound it atop the cutting board.

Marvel Thor Mjolnir Hammer Meat Tenderizer -...
  • This Fathers Day, help Dad feel like a Super Hero in the kitchen with the Marvel Thor Meat...

GLD Marvel Pendants

This outfit makes some beautiful Marvel-themed pendants at reasonable prices, which you can pair with a selection of equally stylish chains. They have a nice selection, including full-body sculpts of characters like the Hulk and Venom, head sculpts of heroes like Spider-Man and Cyclops, and prop replica pendants like the Infinity Gauntlet and Captain America’s shield.

Buy Now – $99 and up

Marvel Legends Endgame Power Gauntlet Electronic Fist

This grownup-sized replica of Thanos’ powerful glove wears comfortably over your hand like an actual glove, allowing you to walk around like you’re about to disappear half of Earth’s living organisms. It’s electronic, so all the Infinity Stones light up and it plays various sound effects from the Avengers: Endgame movie. Sadly, you can’t snap your fingers, although it will play an ominous sound whenever you line up your fingers to look like you’re about to snap them, which, honestly, is just as cool.

Avengers Marvel Legends Series Endgame Power...
  • Avengers: Endgame premium roleplay item: The intricately detailed design of this electronically...

Ruggable Marvel Rugs

Ruggable has an entire line of rugs covered in Marvel themes. They have ones in more abstract designs that use repeating patterns drawn from various Marvel characters, although others are more overt, literally taking comic book panels and blowing them up into rug designs. For gifting, we recommend this 3 x 5 foot washable area rug with the Marvel typography creatively done up in shades of red, yellow, orange, blue, gray, and cream. If you feel like your recipient will appreciate something different, they have multiple design with different rug shapes and sizes to choose from.

Buy Now – $159

LEGO Marvel The Guardians’ Ship

This set offers hours upon hours’ worth of fun for the Star-Lord fan who likes LEGOs, as it lets you recreate the Benatar (at least, we think it is), which the Guardians team were using in 2018’s Infinity War. It has a large cockpit that opens, allowing you to place the included minifigures inside, which consist of Star-Lord, Groot, Rocket, Mantis, Thor, and a Chitauri warrior. The finished ship is pretty big at 23 x 14 x 9 inches (width x length x height), while over 1,900 pieces make this enough of a challenge to keep even veteran LEGO builders satisfied.

LEGO Marvel The Guardians' Ship 76193 Building Toy...
  • Iconic LEGO Spaceship - Features the iconic Guardians of the Galaxy spaceship with an opening...

Arcade1Up Marvel Superheroes Countercade

Sure, you can get them a Marvel PC game, but why do that when you can get them a countertop arcade cabinet to let them live through the button-mashing glory days of the 80s and 90s? It’s got two sets of eight-way joysticks and full-size buttons for all that relentless action, complete with an 8-inch full color screen and stereo speakers. Four classic Marvel games are onboard, namely Marvel Super Heroes, X-Men vs Street Fighter, The Punisher, and Marvel vs Capcom. The size is perfect for island counters, coffee tables, and desks, too, allowing your recipient to enjoy arcade gaming without the space constraints of full-size cabinets.

Hayabusa Marvel Boxing Gloves

Got a Marvel fan who likes to spend time hitting the mitts at the gym? Here’s the perfect gift to add superpowers to their workouts. Twelve styles are available from the site, including standouts like the Captain America, Black Widow, and Captain Marvel gloves. We suggest choosing the gloves of whichever character they like best. If that’s not available, the Captain America one honestly looks like a can’t-miss pick.

Buy Now – $249

Citizen Spider-Man

The problem with Marvel-themed watches? It’s too easy to make it feel like a children’s watch, especially when you veer towards large logos and overt superhero elements. This Spider-Man watch avoids those common pitfalls, coming in a with a look and feel that’s undeniably tied to the Webslinger, all while sticking to subtler graphic elements that make it easier to blend in with formal and casual outfits alike. If your recipient is not a fan of the wall-crawling New Yorker, Citizen also has an equally tasteful Avengers timepiece.

Buy Now – $316
Citizen Men's Eco-Drive Marvel Avengers Watch,...
  • Wear your Super Hero on your wrist with the new Marvel Avengers timepiece by Citizen.

Marvel Studios The Infinity Saga Collector’s Edition Box Set

For movie buffs who like physical copies of their favorite movies, this grand Blu-ray collection of the entire Infinity Saga will make for one of the more exciting gifts. It includes all 23 MCU movies from the entire Infinity Saga, from 2008’s Iron Man to 2019’s Spiderman: Far from Home, along with deleted scenes, extended scenes, director commentaries, behind-the-scene featurettes, and bonus shorts. The entire thing spans 50 discs, giving your lucky recipient months’ worth of obsessive viewing.