Cool Kitchen Finds: Bob Ross Waffle Maker, Mickey Egg Cup, and More


Every week, we come across a bunch of cool stuff for the kitchen, some of them genuinely useful and some of them just outright funny. Here are a few of our favorite finds.

1. Uncanny Brands Bob Ross Waffle Maker


It’s been over 20 years since Bob Ross passed away, yet the man’s bushy permed hair and joyful smile continues to be a regular fixture in modern pop culture. With the Bob Ross Waffle Maker, the painter’s iconic face can also be a regular fixture in your breakfast every morning. That’s right, this waffle maker churns out delicious batter cakes in the shape and likeness of the ASMR favorite’s face, so you can… I don’t know… slather Bob Ross’ head in syrup and shove it all in your mouth. Yeah, definitely sounds fun. The waffles, by the way, measure six inches in diameter, so one or two of these with a side of eggs and bacon should be enough to get you through the first meal of the day, with the option to make seven-inch waffles if you’re fine with additional crispy batter around that smiling face. It measures 7 x 6 x 10 inches (width x height x depth) and retails for $39.99.

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2. Peleg Design Jonah Toothpick Dispenser


No, you absolutely don’t need a toothpick dispenser clad in the likeness of a great blue whale. In fact, no one in the world does. However, with toothpick dispensers being one of the most boring things you’re likely to find in any kitchen, there’s no doubt a little whimsy wouldn’t hurt when it comes to that department and the Jonah Toothpick Dispenser definitely brings that in spades. A small window near the bottom serves as the whale’s mouth, allowing you to see a bunch of toothpicks, where they appear like thin shards of teeth, while a blowhole on top allows you to pull out a single toothpick at a time. When it’s time to refill the dispenser, simply snap off the bottom section of the whale’s body to allow access to the main compartment.

Jonah Toothpick Holder by Peleg Design - Cute...
  • FUNCTIONAL AND PRACTICAL-It's easy to open and insert the toothpicks. Dispenses one at a time,...

3. Fred & Friends Static Clean TV Sponge Caddy


Some people use a perforated container to hold their sponge in the kitchen sink. Others hang them on a hook. And then there are those of us that simply set it down at a convenient spot on the sink. Regardless of which way you swing on those three options, the Static Clean TV Sponge Holder offers a more entertaining alternative. Clad in the shape of a vintage TV, the sponge slips right between the gap in the caddy, with the sponge appearing as those static signals when you see it on the TV’s screen. The caddy comes with an easy-drain bottom, two suction cups for mounting on tiles, and two silver-colored scouring sponges. Yes, the silver shade makes a better dead-ringer for the static signal that was common on TVs from way back when.

4. Mickey Egg Cup


You know those egg cups that make eggs look like a round chubby Batman and a round chubby armored knight? Well, the Mickey Egg Cup makes your egg look like the iconic Disney character, so you can pretend you’re eating an anthropomorphic rat while enjoying a boiled egg snack. It recreates the lower half of Mickey Mouse’s body, including those red trousers and yellow shoes, along with his iconic mouse ears that you can set down on top to better recreate the likeness before you start eating. It also comes with a hand designed to hold your eating utensil upright, as well as a plastic egg spoon that, honestly, is a bit too small for anyone that’s not a kid (yeah, they’re the target audience). A toast stamper that marks your bread with a Mickey Mouse logo is also included to complete your Disney-themed breakfast. It costs £9.99.

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5. Witch Hat Chip & Dip Server


Just in time for Halloween, this $23.99 serving dish comes in the likeness of a witch hat – you know, those classical witches that rode brooms, cooked potions in large cauldrons, and creeped you out with an evil laugh. The entire lid of the hat is designed to serve as a plate for your chips, whether it be some homemade potato chips, some nachos you got off the store, or a big heap of French fries. Remove the top of the hat to reveal a dip tray in the center, then fill it up with salsa, guacamole, or whatever other tasty sauces you want to slather on your snacks. Oh yeah, it’s made from dolomite, which means it’s quite heavy, so you can’t slap the top on and use this to put together a witch costume for Halloween this year. Dimensions are 13 x 10 inches (diameter x height).

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