Cool Marshmallow Blaster for the Office

marshmallow-blaster-gunIt’s not high tech, but it is ultra cool.  A marshmallow blaster is just the thing to bring to your office to show your coworkers who is in charge.  Of course, it all depends on the mood around the office, but what could be more fun than blasting marshmallows at your coworkers from up to forty feet away?

Stress relief comes in many forms and your marshmallow blaster is one cool toy to help everyone in the office have a good laugh and lighten the mood just a little bit.  Keep it right by your side for those occasions when a coworker is just begging for a blast from the marshmallow blaster.  The next person that comes into your office with a lame idea gets a blast with a marshmallow.  You will then be sure to get your point across!


The marshmallow blaster will fire full size marshmallows or small mini ones with a shot gun action.  The ammo is completely edible and soft so no one will actually get hurt.  The blaster will quickly become the talk of the office.  Just make sure that you use your common sense and don’t blast the boss with soft yummy marshmallows.

Everyone is stressed to their limits and could use some fun to bring a little happiness back to the office.  Remember the days when you could laugh with your coworkers?  Well, the marshmallow blaster can bring some of that fun back to your office. Just make sure that you are firing in a friendly environment so that your coworkers will appreciate the joke.