Cool Stocking Stuffers Holidays 2021: EDC Edition

We all have our everyday carry gear and it’s different for each one. While everyone, pretty much, brings their wallet, keys, and phone, the rest of what goes in our pockets and pouches tends to vary from person to person. Some people never leave home without their sunglasses, pocket knife, and a fanny pack on their waist, for instance, while others get anxious without a notebook, pen, and a small light that allows them to jot stuff down even in the dark.

EDC gear makes for great stocking stuffers during the holidays. They’re small, highly utilitarian, and there’s plenty of stuff available at affordable prices. If you’re looking to go the everyday carry route when rounding out your holiday shopping, here are some of our favorite EDC gift ideas for the 2021 season.

Nite Ize G-Series Dual Chamber Carabiner

It’s like a regular carabiner with a divider in the middle, allowing you to split the coupling link into two distinct sections. That way, you can separate any items hooked into its frame, whether to prevent items from accidentally falling out when the safety closure opens or to simply organize them a little better. It comes in four sizes, too, so you can go small if you just need a keychain or big if you need something to hang the backyard hammock.

Nite Ize GS2-01-R6 G-Series Dual Chamber...
  • DUAL CHAMBERS FOR ADDED SECURITY - G-Series features two distinct chambers for increased security,...

UCO Gear Titanium Utility Spork

Like to eat food on the go, don’t like using plastic utensils? Not a problem with this handy cutlery, which combines a spoon on one end and a fork with a serrated knife edge on the other. No longer will you need to frustrate yourself using plastic cutlery while eating out of food trucks and street vendors – this thing gives you a sturdy metal tool for slicing, scooping and stabbing any grub you eat.

UCO 3-In-1 Titanium Spork
  • 3-In-1 Camping Spork: No need to pack multiple camping cooking utensils – our metal spork features...

GH Gold Horse Slim Magnetic Money Clip

For the recipient who still prefers cash over cards, this money clip keeps those erstwhile loose bills in a tidy bundle in their pocket without the need to carry a billfold. It’s magnetic, so it will keep a secure hold on your cash, provided you keep the stack to a moderate 15 bills or less, while a leather shell makes it look just a tad classier than those typical bare metal cash clips.

GH GOLD HORSE Slim Magnetic Money Clip Genuine...
  • MAGNETIC CASH CLIP: Strong magnet cash clips firmly to the front side of the wallets exterior,...

Amazon Essentials Unisex Blue Light Blocking Glasses

No, blue light won’t ruin your skin. At least, they haven’t figured out how to convince you of that yet. It will, however, affect your eyesight, having been linked to blurry vision, eyestrain, and dry eye, among other ocular issues. With the amount of time we all spend staring at screen nowadays, this non-prescription pair of blue light-blocking glasses should be part of everyone’s EDC kit. Just pop it on before you stare at a monitor, phone display, or a giant TV to get adequate protection.

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Field Notes Snow Evening 3-Pack

If your recipient writes a lot, any pack of Field Notes or some other brand of compact notebooks will make for a great gift. We’ve singled out this particular three-pack for its Snowy Evening theme, which, we feel, is the most appropriate for gifting during the holiday season’s cold weather. It’s a standard pocket-sized Field Notes measuring 3.5 x 5.5 inches, with 48 pages of dot-grid paper for putting down all your thoughts and ideas.

Toughbuilt Scraper Utility Knife

For those that prefer utility knives to pocket folders, this unique cutting tool uses a segmented retractable blade that you can snap off as soon as one segment gets dull. You know… like any regular utility knife. Except, a clever design allows you to rotate the blade 90 degrees at the push of a button, so it turns from a knife into a scraper using the same blade. Whether your recipient will actually find plenty of use for a scraper and knife combo, we imagine the novelty of the rotating blade on its own will be fun enough to keep this in their EDC kit for a while.

Buy Now – $17.98

UCO Gear Arc Lighter & LED Flashlight

This ordinary-looking flashlight comes with a 100-lumen beam, which should make it usable for everyday light-duty illumination tasks, although its real function is hidden under the spring-loaded bezel on the opposite end. Lift that to reveal the built-in windproof plasma lighter that can burn at a whopping 1,400 degrees to set any flammable object it touches ablaze. If you like to carry a lighter in your EDC kit, this plasma lighter should make for a definite upgrade, all while getting you a decent flashlight along with it.

Buy Now – $19.99

Gerber Dime

Having a pair of pliers in your multi-tool is great, as those pincers allow you to work on a good load of tasks that regular multi-tools just won’t be able to perform. Problem is, most pliers-equipped multi-tools are on the large side, making them both expensive and larger than the typical multi-tool most folks want on their EDC kit. The Gerber Dime is one of the few exceptions, with its 2.75-inch closed length being compact enough for everyday carry, all while coming with a handy pair of spring-loaded pliers. Aside from the pliers, it also gets wire cutters, a plain edge blade, scissors, multiple drivers, a package opener, and a few other common functions.

Gerber Gear Dime 12-in-1 Mini Multi-tool - Needle...
  • 12-IN-1 MULTI-TOOL: Features spring-loaded needle nose pliers, wire cutters, tweezers, bottle...

Geekey Multi-Tool

This keychain multi-tool brings an impressive dozen functions packed into its key-shaped frame, including multiple drivers, multiple sizes of closed wrenches, and even a pipe-and-bowl for all your herbal medication needs.  The scoring tip should work nicely for opening packages, too, so you can ditch the pocket knife if that’s all you really use it for on a regular basis. It’s made from stainless steel, too, so it makes for a sturdy tool to deploy whenever it’s needed.

Geekey Multi-tool | Original Key Shaped Pocket...
  • MINI KEYCHAIN MULTITOOL - At only 2.76” x 1.15” x 0.20” (70mm x 29mm x 5mm), the Geekey’s...

Fisher Space Pen 400 Series

Arguably the most popular pen of all time, this pen can write over wet surfaces (even underwater) and write from any angle (even upside down), since it doesn’t rely on gravity to let the ink flow to the ballpoint tip. It has all brass and steel construction, too, so it feels premium without being excessively priced. While hardly the most original gift, it still works after all these years.

Fisher Space Pen Bullet Pen - 400 Series - Matte...
  • All brass & steel construction, variety of colors and finishes & tungsten carbide ballpoint tip

Leatherman Ratchet Driver

For the Leatherman fan in your shopping list, this accessory will turn any Leatherman multi-tool with an integrated bit holder into a ratchet driver that will let you apply a good load of twisting force without having to constantly adjust your grip. Even better, its magnetic bit holder with not only work with Leatherman’s own flat bits, but with any standard quarter-inch bits you can get with any driving kit. According to Leatherman, it should work with around 20 of their multi-tools, including Charge+, Skeletool, Wave+, and more.

Buy Now – $29.95

Jack’s Point Leather Notebook Cover

This leather cover is sized to hold any pocket-sized (3.5 x 5.5 inches) notebook, giving you a protective case for your EDC writing pad. More than a case for carrying notebooks, it has a loop for clipping pens, three card slots on the left side, two wide slots on the right (one for the notebook), and even a slot on top for holding bills, so you can use it to replace your wallet entirely. Each one is handmade from top grain leather, too, giving your notebooks an elevated case to sit in while you go about your day.

Leather field notes wallet cover for memo –...
  • New Design – Our customers spoke and we listened. This version now features an extra pocket to...

Pelican G5 RF Field Wallet

While it looks nowhere near a traditional billfold, this slim pocket-sized aluminum case can hold cash, cards, and keys as capably as any. Despite the diminutive dimensions, it inherits the same waterproof and crushproof functions found in a typical Pelican case, ensuring your personal items stay dry and protected the whole time. Because it’s a wallet, it’s also been designed to block RFID signals to keep hackers trying to skim information from your credit cards and IDs.

Buy Now – $39.95


The newest version of CRKT’s minimalist sailor knife gets a modern makeover that sees it morph into a viable EDC folder. It retains the low-profile design and compact size, all while sporting a sleeker and longer blade shape with a finer point. This makes it more functional for the kind of cutting asks you encounter everyday around the city, all while taking up very little room in your pocket or pouch. It has an 8Cr13MoV steel blade with a satin finish, G10 scales with stainless steel handle, and a thumb slot for easier deployment.

Buy Now – $48

Bellroy Card Sleeve

While it doesn’t have the RFID protection of many modern wallets, this leather card holder makes up for it with elegant styling, making for a gorgeous yet minimalist way to carry your personal items. It can hold up to eight cards, with a pull tab in the main storage allowing you to easily take them out, while quick access slots on either side lets you stash folded bills and receipts. With its slim dimensions, it’s small enough to keep in any of your pants pockets. Heck, it can even fit in the chest pocket of your favorite shirt.