Cool Valentine Jewelry Gifts For The Special Woman In Your Life

When in doubt, buy jewelry. At least, that’s the easiest recourse when you’re uncertain about what kind of Valentine’s gift your significant other will like. Whether it’s a piece you expect them to wear on special occasions or an item that can go in their daily ensembles, a nice piece of jewelry is something a wife, girlfriend, or whatever-else-you-call-your-relationship will always be able to appreciate.

Zoe Chicco 14K Single Itty Bity Earring

Perfect for the lightning bolt that struck its way into your life, this stud earring is an ideal gift for a newfound partner. It’s tastefully nice with its 14k gold, thoughtful enough to be meaningful, and casual enough to not place any undue expectations. The simple lightning bolt design makes for a piece they can easily integrate into their everyday rotation, too.

Buy Now – $70

Catbird Tiniest Key Charm

Who holds the key to your heart? Whoever receives this 14k gold key charm, that’s who. This miniature replica of a standard house key can be engraved with up to four characters, allowing you to personalize it with initials, nicknames, or pet names, all while being versatile enough to slip onto other jewelry they own. You can also match it with a chain or bracelet, in case you want something they can wear immediately.

Buy Now – $88

Dewy Diamond Rose Stud

Can you ever go wrong with roses? Probably not. A bouquet of roses, in any occasion, is always a welcome sight.  That’s what makes this earring stud such an easy, can’t-go-wrong choice. It depicts a rose in full bloom cast in 14k yellow gold, with a brilliant 1.2mm diamond in the center. We love the detailing on this piece, by the way, and, we’re guessing, your partner will, too.

Buy Now – $195

Mejuri Duo Ring

Rings of all sorts make great jewelry presents. If you want your gift to bring a little more meaning for that one day of the year when love and romance reign supreme, though, it’s probably better to go with this Duo Ring, which interlocks a twist ring with a standard stacker, creating a contrasting aesthetic that still manages to blend so well together. You know… just like you two. Or something.

Buy Now – $295

Aurate Connection Bracelet

We love the symbolism of this appropriately-named bracelet, which depicts a pair of large interlocking gold loops in the center of a 14-karat gold chain. It’s the kind of jewelry gift that doesn’t need any explanation – anyone who receives it on Valentine’s know exactly what it stands for and that’s a beautiful thing. Aurate calls it “an expression of individuality while celebrating harmony.” Yeah, we’ll totally go with that.

Buy Now – $300

Aurate Connection Necklace

This is, basically, the same thing as the bracelet, except for wearing around your neck. It’s the same clever design, same meaningful symbolism, and same tasteful aesthetic, albeit with an 18-inch long chain to dangle your loving connection front and center.

Buy Now – $380

Beyond & Back Necklace

Got the kind of partner who don’t appreciate fine jewelry as much as they like edgier stuff? Maybe they’ll appreciate this romantically haunting necklace, which comes with pendant depicting a pair of skulls in a loving union. Well… at least, we think it’s a loving union. It’s made from solid 14k gold with a fine textured finish and comes with an 18-inch chain. The pendant can be engraved in the back with two characters and there’s also an option to add diamond eyes to give it that extra character.

Buy Now – $490

Zoe Chicco 14K Gold Large Padlock Necklace

We’ll leave it up to you when it’s time to put a ring on it. In the meantime, you can let her know your heart is locked in with this 14k gold padlock necklace, which combines a padlock-shaped pendant with a curb link chain and a lobster claw clasp. We know, the aesthetic is not for everyone. If your girl is the type to appreciate wearing a tiny padlock around her neck, though, it can make for a genuinely meaningful gift.

Buy Now – $1,190

Sorellina Ti Amo Stacking Bar Ring

Giving your partner a ring with LOVE etched on it may be sweet and all, but it’s also as played out as a Valentine’s gift can get. But you really, really want to give a jewelry gift while expressing your deep affection in words. Well, maybe say it in a foreign language. In this case, you go the Italian route with this bar ring etched with “Ti Amo” on top, which allows you to express your intimate feelings in words, accompanied by 18k gold and pave diamonds at the ends of the flat surface.

Buy Now – $1,250

Last Line Ruby Perfect Collar Tennis Necklace

Want to gift something red to signify your fiery passion? Yeah, you’re corny like that. If you’re willing to splurge, Last Line has you covered with this unique tennis necklace made from 14k rose gold and rubies. What the heck is a tennis necklace? Chances are, you’re familiar with tennis bracelets and their continuous line of stones. Well… they basically took that and made it longer for wearing around your neck. Yeah.

Buy Now – $2,625

Last Line Diamond Carved Stone ID Necklace

Granted, chokers aren’t exactly everyone’s aesthetic. If your girl’s into them and you’re really into your girl, though, this gorgeously colorful choker from Last Line will make the ultimate splurge. For the chain, you get 18 inches of thick 14k yellow gold flat links. In the center, you get alternating lines of lapis, malachite, carnelian, and white diamond. It’s a stunning look fit for the stunning woman you’re spending Valentine’s Day with.

Buy Now – $9,785