Cool Valentine’s Day Gift Ideas For Her

Fresh flowers, fine jewelry, decadent sweets – that’s the golden trifecta of gifts during Valentine’s Day. They’re traditionally romantic, which makes them the best option when you want to get it right. However, that doesn’t mean that all women will appreciate them equally. Sometimes, a woman just wants something different. You can be romantic without giving the same gift as everyone else, after all.  This brief guide should give you some ideas if you’re looking to change up your Valentine’s gift-giving.

SimpsonizedStore Simpsons Portrait

Think your lady will look hot cast as a Simpsons character? With this service, you can find out. Just send in the photo of your girl (and yourself) that you want them to copy, choose what kind of background should be in the picture, and you’re set. In two days, you should get an email with the 8 x 12 digital portrait attached to it. Just print it and frame it locally to add an even more personalized touch. Do note, the Simpsons may not be for everyone, so you might want to skip this if she’s not a fan of the show’s goofy aesthetic.

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The Sill Hoya Heart Plant

This potted Hoya kerrii cactus has a single leaf that’s shaped like a heart, making it a somewhat cute, somehow symbolic Valentine’s gift. Unlike many cactus plants, the leaf has no spines, so it’s perfectly safe to handle, although the lone heart can feel a little lonely (so, you might want to give her two). It comes partially rooted already, so she simply has to set it down somewhere with plenty of sun and water it every couple of weeks to keep the heart ticking.

Buy Now – $20

CPLA Lighting Night Light Moon Lamp

Spending the night outdoors on a full moon? Romantic. So why not bring that romantic sheen into your own home? That’s exactly what you can do with this mood lighting piece, which recreates Earth’s sole natural satellite in a translucent 5.9-inch diameter sphere with a LED and battery securely stashed inside. The sphere reproduces the lunar surface as precisely as possible, by the way, so certain sections will allow more light through than others, creating a somewhat realistic depiction of the full moon late into the night.

CPLA Moon Lamp, Night Light 3D Moon Light with...
  • Moon lamp with the diameter is 5.9 INCH, made with 3D printing technology, realistic full moon...

Artifact Uprising Walnut Desktop Photo Calendar

This beautiful walnut-and-brass desktop calendar uses monthly prints that can be customized with your own pictures, so she can get a visual reminder of all the good times you’ve shared together all year on her desk at work. Just make sure to send good quality pictures, since you don’t want her associating your time together with a bunch of blurry and dimly-lit photos. That’s just sus.

Buy Now – $30+

ArtRoomExpo Custom One-Line Couple Portrait Drawing

This Etsy storefront will transform any image into a beautiful line drawing, allowing you to capture your most romantic photos together into a minimalist work of art. Basically, you place your order on the storefront, upload the photo you want to be drawn, and sit back. In two days, you should receive a download link for an 8 x 10 JPG file containing the digitized version of the illustration that you can print and frame all by yourself.

Buy Now – $30+

LELO Flickering Touch Massage Candle

This all-natural candle can set the mood with its flickering flame and light aroma just like many of your girl’s favorite candles. Unlike them, though, it doesn’t melt into a hard wax, instead turning into an essential body oil that collects inside the container for later use to give your girl a romantic massage.  Choose your preferred scent of either vanilla/crème de cacao, snow pear/cedarwood, or black pepper/pomegranate.

Buy Now – $34.90

Siren Song Brass Key Keychain

Give her the keys to your heart with this solid brass keychain that’s shaped like a key with a heart bow. Yes, it has a heart bow because it’s the key to your heart. And you’re giving it to your girl, so she will remember you each time she reaches for her keys. If you don’t live together yet, this also offers a great opportunity to give her the keys to your place.

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Keep the fire of your union burning with this “personal fireplace,” which takes five ounces of rubbing alcohol and turns it into 45 minutes of soothing tabletop flames. Sure, it won’t heat up an entire room, but sit next to it with your partner and it should keep things properly toasty. The main fire pit is made from a thick slab of concrete, so this should have some heft to it, while the base is milled from a quartz-like solid material to ensure it leaves no mark on any surface you leave it on.

Buy Now – $95

Since a mini-fireplace isn’t all that rare nowadays, there’s also this cheaper alternative you can get from Amazon.

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Slip Pure Silk Ultimate Beauty Sleep Gift Set

Got a girl who enjoys clocking in her eight hours every night? Make it more luxurious with this all-silk gift set that includes a sleep mask to cover her eyes, a pillow case to pamper her head, and a set of scrunchies to help keep her hair looking nice when she wakes up in the morning. If she ever complained of frizzy hair in the morning, this just might be the thing to put an end to that.

Buy Now – $139

Bed Threads Ruby Flax Linen Bedding Set

Dress her bed in luxurious threads with this rich and lush bedding set, which comes in a deep and dark ruby red shade that’s bound to bring out the passion in the bedroom. Afterwards, you can allow that cool flax linen texture to pamper you as doze off into a refreshing slumber. And yes, this is the type of linen that gets softer with every wash, so it will feel even better over time.

Buy Now – $230+

Venus Et Fleur Fleura Vase with Eternity Roses

Flowers are nice. The fact that they’re going to wilt sooner than later, though, not so much. Give her something that will last way longer with this bouquet of Eternity Roses, which are real roses that have been specially treated to make them last for an entire year. That’s right, she can have fresh-looking beautiful roses on her desk for a whole 12 months because… you know, like these roses, you’re in here for the long haul. Or something.

Buy Now – $399

Cartier Tank Solo Watch

Looking to splurge on an expensive gift after a financially successful year? Instead of going the fine jewelry route, you can swerve a little bit with this modern classic, which comes with an 18k yellow gold case, beaded 18k yellow gold crown, clear silvered opaline dial, alligator skin strap, and 18k yellow gold ardillion buckle. It’s a beautifully versatile watch, too – classy enough for upscale dinner parties while looking modest enough for casual, everyday wear.

Buy Now – $4,750