Coolala Puts A 3500 BTU Air Conditioner Inside A Portable 7-Pound Case


Yes, we enjoy the clear skies of summer as much as the next guy. Sometimes, though, the sun is just way too hot that, yeah, we’d rather get back in the car to enjoy some air-conditioning. The Coolala offers an alternative.

A portable air-conditioner, the device lets you cool down with an honest-to-goodness air-conditioning unit anywhere you are. No, this is not one of those “air-conditioners” that are actually just fans with ice or water inside, but an actual device that uses the same hardware as the window-type unit you have installed at home. Want to have air-conditioning blowing cold air your way while you chop down trees in the mountain and cut them down into logs? Yep, this will work. Want to cool down your sun-repelling tent for an afternoon nap in the middle of a scorching hot day? This will do the trick.


The Coolala has an enclosure similar to a desktop tower, so you’ll literally look like you’re going to a LAN party while carrying this thing in hand. It has a handle on top for easily carrying by hand, while wheels at the bottom let you drag it conveniently from one spot to another. At just seven pounds, even puny weaklings can carry it all around town without taxing their muscles too much, too. This design makes it ideal for a whole lot of outdoor activities, from car camping and boat sailing to tailgating and beach excursions.

Designed for both indoor and outdoor use, the device can be plugged in to a wall outlet if you need cooling while indoors, whether you’re vacationing in a rustic log cabin, doing overtime work on the weekend at an office with the AC off, or doing some woodworking in your home workshop. Outdoors, it runs off battery power, which can last up to eight hours, depending on temperature settings (the colder you set it, the shorter the power will last). You can, however, hook it up to an external battery, as well as charge it under the sun using the optional solar panels.


The Coolala has a cooling capacity of 3500 BTU/hour, allowing it to cool down areas up to 150 square feet. Granted, things don’t exactly work that way when you’re under the sun, so we suggest sitting very close to the device while lounging with it sans four walls and a roof. As you can imagine, that’s quite a powerful cooling device, making it suitable for use even in smaller rooms in your home.


It has a built-in reading light that can be found by lifting up the edge frame of the front panel, allowing you to use it as a quick light source when you wake up in the middle of the night. This should make it extremely useful for campers, who frequently have to find the flashlight when they’re roused up in the darkness. They also offer an optional power bank that can add another 7.5 hours of runtime to the device.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for the Coolala. You can reserve a unit for pledges starting at $219.

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