Cooler Master Orb X GamePod Brings An All-In-One Cockpit Workstation For Well-Heeled Gamers

If you’re going to spend a lot of money on a gaming PC and a multi-monitor setup, may as well go all in and make sure you have a top-of-the-line workstation to go with it. And while a fancy gaming desk and a super-comfortable gaming chair will do the trick, those aspiring for a more immersive gaming space will probably find the Cooler Master Orb X GamePod a lot more conducive to making that happen.

Billed as a “semi-enclosed workstation,” it’s, basically, a self-contained gaming cockpit with room to hold everything you need for a gaming setup. And by everything, we mean everything, from the chair and desk to the monitor mounts and port hubs to a dedicated compartment for your gaming PC, giving you a dedicated gaming space that’s been built to enhance the immersive experience.

The Cooler Master Orb X GamePod is a semi-enclosed pod that looks like one of those racing cockpits you’ll find in amusement arcades to this day. Heck, even the built-in chair looks like one of those racing buckets, which is pretty standard for contemporary gaming chairs. Except, instead of having a racing wheel, a gear shifter, and foot pads for controls, you get a spacious desktop covered in a cloth pad for your keyboard and mouse, allowing you to do normal computing stuff on a fancy-looking pod that looks straight out of the cockpit of futuristic sci-fi space fighter.

The built-in chair has a variety of adjustable components much like any modern gaming chair, making it possible to tailor the lumbar support, armrest, and other ergonomic elements to your liking. Up above, it comes with monitor mounts attached to an adjustable canopy that can be locked in at various angles via push button controls to tailor the display angle to your liking. According to the outfit, it can accommodate either a single 34-inch monitor or three 27-inch monitors, so you get the option of a single ultra-wide display or a multi-monitor setup, depending on what you prefer.

The Cooler Master Orb X GamePod has a rear compartment sized to hold a desktop tower, so you get a contained chamber to stash your gaming PC in. All cables are routed through that compartment, by the way, with an integrated cable management system ensuring there’s no unsightly cable mess anywhere on the cockpit. Since running all your peripherals to the desktop in the back doesn’t make for the neatest solution, it comes with a slide-out port hub on the side where you can plug in any wired peripherals. These connectors include four USB-A ports, two USB-C ports, and a combo audio jack.

Built-in speakers allow you to bask in 2.1-channel immersive audio, although you’ll probably prefer plugging headphones onto the audio ports, since gaming sounds tend to pop off more realistically that way. As with any gaming hardware, they filled it with multi-color LEDs, so you can make the whole thing feel like a light show if you’re into that sort of thing.

The Cooler Master Orb X GamePod is slated to come out later in the year. Pricing is expected to be north of $10,000.

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