Forget Gaming Chairs, The Cooler Master Orb X Gets You A Full Gaming Cockpit

Gaming chairs are great, as they let you get reasonably comfortable while immersing yourself in your favorite game worlds. Problem is, it just doesn’t feel futuristic enough, with the whole thing feeling nothing more than casual step up from a typical workstation. If you want a gaming setup that looks like a rig straight out of an in-game starship, you’ll want something like the Cooler Master Orb X.

A semi-enclosed gaming cockpit, it’s an all-in-one station designed to facilitate a more immersive gaming experience at home, all while isolating you from the surrounding lifeforms that you call your family and friends. Well, kind of. Your children can still mess with your mouse, your girlfriend can still nag you about gaming too much, and your dog can still jump you any time they want, but all that can happen while you’re decked inside a  veritable cocoon that will keep you in utter comfort. Or something like that.

The Cooler Master Orb X is a computing station with everything you’ll need to game, work, or watch copious amounts of Netflix all day. It has a built-in recliner with an adjustable headrest, lumbar support, and seating position, allowing you to get comfortable, regardless of your height, size, and body type. Mounted in the front of the recliner is a gaming desk with enough room for any keyboard and mouse combo, a steering wheel setup, or a flight stick ensemble. Heck, you can throw a laptop and other accessories in there if you feel like it, as well. The entire desk surface, by the way, is covered in a micro-woven cloth, making it a functional giant mousepad.

It has a monitor mount on top that can accommodate either a single 34-inch monitor or three 27-inch monitors, allowing you to use it for single- and multi-screen setups alike. The mount is connected to a motorized dome that can be raised or lowered as needed, allowing you to easily place the monitors directly in your line of sight, regardless of your height.

The Cooler Master Orb X also has a built-in surround sound system that, the outfit claims, can create an “amazing spatial audio experience.” Hopefully, there’s also a headphone port in there somewhere, so you don’t have to disturb everyone else in the house with sounds of gunshots, explosions, and whatever other sound effects come with your favorite games. There’s a hidden compartment for your PC, so you don’t need to have your desktop tower lying around somewhere where people can kick it, along with integrated cable management, so everything can look neat and tidy.

Because it’s a gaming orb, it comes with RGB illumination, allowing you to surround yourself with a veritable lightshow, while a control panel allows you to control various parts of the device and charge devices along the available USB slots. Features include genuine leather upholstery for the recliner, ABS plastic build for the cockpit, a USB-C 60W PD slot, a USB-C 3.1 port, and four USB-A slots. Do note, this thing is heavy, tipping the scales at 757 pounds.

You can learn more about the Cooler Master Orb X from the link below.

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