Coolest Coffee Table Hides Fridge, Pop-Up Dining Table, And More

It looks like a normal coffee table – one that you can use to hold your pocket dumps, set down your arcade controller for the Switch, or put your feet up while watching TV. Except, the Coolest Coffee Table’s thick wooden façade hides a bevy of functions that allow it do so much more.

Remember the Coolest Cooler, that disaster of a product that basically turned the cooler into a whole host of stuff? This table riffs on that same idea, taking a basic coffee table and turning into something so much more than a place to set down that bowl of popcorn you snack on while watching a movie. Yes, we’re keeping our fingers crossed it ends much nicer for this outfit, too.

The Coolest Coffee Table actually comes with a miniature pop-up table in the middle, giving you a flat surface at a height that’s more in line with the dining table in the kitchen. This makes that mini-table ideal for setting down food and drinks, so you can actually have dinner in front of the TV without having to hunch over uncomfortably. Fold down a panel on one side of the coffee table to reveal a power hub with two AC sockets and two USB ports, so you can charge everything from phones and game controllers to laptops and even a microwave, in case you want to make the popcorn without having to walk to the kitchen.

Underneath the table are a pair of grilles for the integrated Bluetooth speaker, in case the Sonos speakers you have on the media cabinet are starting to act up. They don’t share any details about the specs of the onboard speakers, but it’s obviously stereo (there are two grilles) and, with this much cabinet space, they could fit some decent hardware in there.

The Coolest Coffee Table has a pair of those tiny fridges (one in front and one in the back) that can fit either a bottle or two cans apiece, so you can cool your drinks, microwave your food, and even eat them comfortably right from the comfort of the couch. Naturally, there’s also integrated storage in there, including a wide drawer on the left front side, a narrow drawer underneath it, and a two-level sliding drawer on the side that’s large enough to fit blankets and other bulky stuff. Suffice to say, this thing just might make it possible to live in your living room. If only they managed to integrate a toilet in there somewhere.

Construction appears to be all-wood for the coffee table, making it extremely easy to integrate into any kind of interior. The one they’re showing on the website has a natural wood finish on the exterior and all-white on the interior panels, but we’re guessing they’re going to offer various finish options for those who are a little more discerning about what goes into their living room setup.

Sadly, the Coolest Coffee Table is not on sale yet. Instead, you can sign up to reserve one for just $1, in order to qualify for the discounted price of $465 when they do launch.

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