TJ Volonis Makes Copper Tubing Furniture That Aren’t Just Functional, They Look Amazing, Too

Using copper tubing to build furniture may sound like a bad idea from both a functional and an aesthetic perspective.  Seeing what TJ Volonis did with this collection of Copper Furniture, however, definitely proves otherwise.

Consisting of tables, chairs, benches, and shelves, every piece in the collection uses creatively-arranged copper tubing for the frame, turning out contemporary furniture items that look very much like intricate metal sculptures.   Seriously, these look as fit for a gallery as they would inside a house, with the combination of novel materials, unique geometry, and functional utility making each one feel truly special.

TJ uses traditional plumbing methods to build each Copper Furniture, soldering the copper pipes together and using fittings that you can find at hardware stores.  He also takes advantage of the rusting process to achieve different finishes, giving the pieces their deep, weathered tone.  For most chairs and benches, he uses strictly tubing, leaving it up to the buyers to set up their own seat and back cushions on the frames.  For the tables, though, he uses a variety of tabletops, including marble and glass.  Standout pieces in the collection include the Brooklyn Barcelona Console Table (which uses geometries found in the Brooklyn Bridge and Gaudí’s architecture), the Tri-Tables (three round tabletops connected by a single frame), and the incredibly intricate Sangre Y Tanqueray Dining Table.

All the pieces in TJ Volonis’ Copper Furniture collection are available from Brooklyn-based collective, Fiercely Made.

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