Coravin 1000 System Lets You Drink Wine Without Opening The Bottle

Your dad keeps some seriously good wine on his concrete wine bunkers in the basement.  And you’ve been itching to drink them.  Problem is, dude says you can only taste one of his prized bottles if you finally get married and you’re, like, “Ew, dad, I’m only 28.  I’m still in my George Clooney phase,”  so you never get to sip on one of them bad boys.  If only there was a way you can draw wine from the bottles without opening them so you can blame it on an act of god or something.  Well, now there is with the Coravin 1000 System.

A gadget that lets you draw a little wine without having to pop the cork, it makes stealing wine from your dad’s stash a seamless affair.  Everything remains in place as if the bottles were totally untouched (well, except the missing contents), all while you’ve actually already drank half his supply.  Hah.

The Coravin 1000 System performs the neat trick by inserting a thin needle through the center of the cork, which injects  argon into the bottle, forcing the contents to funnel out through the needle.  Once you’re done and the gadget is removed, the hole left by the needle is so small that the cork will just reseal it, destroying any evidence that the bottle has been tampered with.  Unless your dad hires a fingerprint analysis on the bottles, that is, so make sure you wipe them off, too.  The argon takes up the empty space in the bottle, preventing the remaining contents from oxidizing, so the wine retains its full taste long after you’ve partaken in its joys.

According to the product website, a bottle of wine can last as long as  several years without any change in taste if you draw from it using the device.  Do note, this doesn’t work for synthetic corks, champagne and sparkling wine, so choose your battles wisely.

You can get the Coravin 1000 System straight from the product website, priced at $299, with each Argon cartridge (good for 15 to 20 sessions) costing an additional $9.95.

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