Corbus Skateboards Do Away With Traditional Shapes

Think skateboards can do better than just come in the same familiar deck shapes?  So does Corbus Skateboards, who specialize in crafting unusually-shaped aluminum boards that offer similar weight and rideability as their more conventional counterparts.

Customized skateboards usually meant sticking some unique graphic on the thing.  These new boards, on the other hard, extend the design to the body itself, relegating all that admittedly cool skateboard art into the back of the pack when it comes to looking more awesome.

Corbus Skateboards currently have four available shapes – fish, gas mask, skeleton and sea horse.   Each one is handmade out of shaped aluminum, with varying sizes and details, depending on the design.   The standard longboard comes with Seismic stable turn 30-degree trucks, abec 5-speed bearings and 70mm soft urethane wheels (62mm vented wheels can also be equipped as an option).  Shorty and regular board sizes are also available.

Each one comes with illuminated riser pads under the trucks to give the board an underglow effect in the dark.  Corbus calls it their “trick,” which is a play on the fact that these skateboards are strictly for riding and should not be used for tricks (unless you want that fishbone to accidentally poke you in the eye).  Oh yeah, the gas mask design has an extra LED right on the mask’s mouth, just in case you want more illumination.

There’s no set pricing on any of Corbus Skateboards’ handcrafted products.  You can call if you’re interested in buying one or wait for them to get around to setting up an eBay store, which they claim to be working on right now.

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via Uncrate