Core Will Turn Your Yoga Mat Into A Bag

Hate carrying a bag every time you go to yoga class?  You don’t have to with the Core Yoga Mat Organizer, which turns your humble mat into a functional bag for holding your supplies.

Currently collecting presale commitments at Quirky, the novel invention lets you ditch the bag and carry nothing but the mat you’ll be rolling around all sweaty and stinky on.  While you can’t exactly stuff in a change of clothes into the included case, it will do for small items like cellphones, wallets and miniature guns (hey, you never know when you need one).

Designed to be used with your existing yoga mat, the Core consists of three parts: a strap, a water bottle and a carrying case.  Both the bottle and the case are clad in a rounded triangle shape, so they don’t end up rolling when set down on their side.

To use as an organizer, you simply line up the bottle, the case and the strap on one end of the mat before rolling it.  The strap will ensure the plastic containers stay in place once fully rolled, as well as doubling as a shoulder strap (you can hoist it over your back for even more convenience).  Once you’ve arrived at the yoga studio, simply roll everything out to get your water bottle and storage case.

Committing to the presale will cost you $20.99 for one Core Yoga Mat Organizer when it does get produced.  In case this doesn’t push through, the solution seems simple enough that you should be able to assemble a similar stash if you just shop around for a couple of plastic containers and a strong strap.