Cork Globe Pins Down Your Globetrotting Adventures

Travel scratch maps are fun and all, but wouldn’t you rather mark all the places you’ve traveled around the planet on a spinning world globe? Now you can with the Cork Globe.

Designed by Chiaki Kawakami, it’s an erstwhile standard three-dimensional raised relief model of the world where you can see all the continents and countries in the planet. Except the entire thing is covered in a corkboard material, allowing you to tack pins onto the places you’ve previously visited. Heck, you can even tack on a picture with each country you visit, so your skeptical friends will know you’re genuinely a well-travelled jetsetter.

The Cork Globe measures 10 inches in diameter, making it perfect for setting up in a corner of the desk for bragging to co-workers about your travels. The countries aren’t labeled, so you might have to check a different map to correctly pinpoint that impossibly hot place in Africa you visited two years ago. Of course, you can also just randomly place it anywhere and tell people, “That’s Botswana right there, where an elephant almost killed me while I was running away from a rabid lion!” Or something like that. Each globe comes with a stainless steel base for mounting, along with a set of pins for quickly marking off your conquests out of the box.

Suck UK has the Cork Globe available now, priced at $200.

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