CorkNet Pot Holder Doubles As A Table Tennis Net. Wait, What?

CorkNet is a pot holder designed for use in the dining table.  Lay it down, put your hot cookware straight off the stove on top, and all is well with the world.  Except, it’s also designed to turn the dining table into a ping pong table, allowing you to play a game of table tennis with the kids after dinner is over.   Whoever loses takes out the trash.

Sized like a regulation table tennis net, all you have to do is stand it on the table and it’s immediately equipped to serve as a play area for showing off your ball-whacking talents.  Bring out the ball, pull out the paddles (or your Brodmann Blades, if you like cheating), and commence play.

With its cork construction, the CorkNet should have no problem serving as a mat for the hottest pots and pans.  Sure, it will get brown marks when you place super-hot cookware on top, but no amount of heat will deform the darn thing, so you can keep using it as a net, regardless of how much abuse it receives.  When used as a net, it won’t affix to any part of the dining table, so you won’t be leaving any nicks or scratches that will infuriate the wife.  Do note, the net will likely fall down or fly off when hit with a ball hard, so they put in holes near the edges, where you can place a ping pong ball (or something else with a little more weight) to help the net stand its ground when hit.  Alternatively, you can just tape up something small and weighted onto it for an even easier solution.

A Kickstarter campaign is currently running for CorkNet.  Pledges to reserve a unit starts at £20.

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