Corkscapes Hand Cut Wall Decals Add Cork Decor To Your Room

Corkboards are plenty useful.  They are, however, a far cry from being affable to look at, which is why we tend to keep them out of the way, such as inside our office cubicles, on the side of the fridge or some other part of the house where they won’t be very prominent.  Corkscapes offer a way to bring corkboards into more prominent areas of your digs.

How?  By turning them out in fancy, decorative shapes that make them every bit as pretty to stare at as you favorite wall decals.  Available in a variety of styles, there’s a good chance you’ll find something to genuinely complement your home’s decor.

Corkscapes use corkboards measuring a quarter-inch thick that’s cut into a variety of shapes that you can then lay across your walls.  The current collection includes  birch trees, birds in flight, bricks, construction shapes, weaves and knits.  Since each piece can be individually mounted, you can customize the appearance of your corkboards, even combining them to produce a themed layout, such as birds flying around the birch trees or something similarly cool.  Each one functions as a proper corkboard, too, allowing you pin notes, cards and memos on them.

For mounting up walls, the corkboards come with 1.25-inch nails — just place them on the desired spot and use a hammer.  Since these are extremely lightweight, there are no structural requirements, so there’s no need to locate studs on the wall in order to mount them.

Created by architect and designer Magda Herbal, Corkscapes are available from her Etsy shop.  Prices start at $12.50.

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