CoronaRita Drink Clip Holds Your Upturned Beer For Cocktail Perfection

You like stupid-looking cocktails.  That’s how you roll.  And we won’t judge you for it.  In the world of stupid-looking cocktails, the CoronaRita, with a bottle of beer planted down one side, has to be one of the most delicious.  And if you’ve always wanted to make one of them at home, the CoronaRita Drink Clip should make putting it together a whole lot easier.

A small plastic contraption, it attaches to the rim of a glass, adding a slot where you can stick a bottle of Corona upside down.  Yep, just like that world-famous cocktail they serve over at Chili’s.  Of course, you’ll have to figure out their recipe for the margarita yourself, but experimenting has always been part of the fun when it comes to mixing drinks.

The CoronaRita Drink Clip is a simple plastic bottle holder sized to fit on the rim of standard margarita glasses.  Just pour your margarita, clip the contraption on, insert one of those seven-ounce Corona Extras onto the slot, and let it mix.  If you’ve been making workaround CoronaRitas by literally just dunking a Corona Extra on a glass and hoping it doesn’t fall over, we’re sure you’re going to appreciate this specialty cocktail tool.  Next step: getting drunk like it’s a Mexican fiesta.

Amazon has the CoronaRita Drink Clip available, priced at $4.95 for a set of six.

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